Festival opens with fine performances

Here are the results from the first two days of the annual Rainy River District Music and Drama Festival:
< *c>Monday, April 17
< *c>9 a.m.
•Contemporaray Ballad in Sacred Song Style for 10 and under–1. Kayla Lauzon (“Angels in the Night”) 2. Melissa Friesen and Annelise Hawrylak
•Traditional Folk song (non-conservatory) for 12 and under–1. Laura Busch (“Jardin d’Amour”) 2. Sarah Hallikas
•Contemporary Ballad from Musical, Stage, or Film for 12 and under–1. Samantha Korzinski (“Somewhere Out There”) 2. Laura Busch and Sarah Hallikas
•Contemporary Ballad from Musical, Stage, or Film for 10 and under–1. Ganet Cornell (“I’ll Do Anything”) and Annelise Hawrylak (“Can You Fell the Love Tonight”) 2. Whitney O’Donnell
•Contemporary Ballad for 12 and under–1. Kaela Hahkala (“Angel”) 2. Jessica Hazel
< *c>1 p.m.
< *c>Quick Study
•12 and under–1. Sarah Hallikas 2. Annelise Hawrylak
•14 and under–1. Heather Newman 2. Heather Algie
•16 and under–1. Sarah Hebert 2. Katriina Maki
•18 and under–1. Heather Ogilvie 2. Krista Leek
< *c>Sight Singing
•14 and under–2. Heather Algie
•16 and under–2. Cara Coran
•18 and under–2. Krista Leek
< *c>Traditional Folk Songs
•16 and under–1. Erika Fagerdahl (“Ballynure Ballad”) 2. Amber Sheloff
< *c>6:30 p.m.
•Contemporary Ballad (16 and under)–1. Sarah Hebert (“You Were Mine”) 2. Katie Steele
•Contemporary Ballad from Musical, Stage or Film (16 and under)–1. Lindsay Hamilton (“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”) 2. Cara Coran and Sarah Gebert
•Sacred Solo (16 and under)–1. Jodi Barker 2. Lindsay Hamilton
•Highest mark for the day–Sarah Hebert (87) for her Contemporary Ballad “You Were Mine” by Seideland Ervin
Adjudicator’s comments: Wonderful sense of song, a moving performance, musical and meaningful, a professional type performance.
< *c>Tuesday, April 18
< *c>Vocal music
< *c>6:30 p.m.
•Secular Solo (Royal Conservatory of Music, Grade 3)–1. Annelise Hawrylak (“Three”) 2.Kristine Solum (“A Pirate Song”)
•Secular Solo (Royal Conservatory of Music, Grade 5)–2. Laura Busch (“Three Fine Ships”)
•Traditional Folk Song (Royal Conservatory of Music, Grade 3)–1. Annelise Hawrylak (“Auprés de ma blonde”) 2. Chantalle Lavigne (“Early One Morning”) and Kristine Solum (“Mairi’s Wedding”)
•Traditional Folk Song (Royal Conservatory of Music, Grade 5)–1. Laura Busch (“When Love is Kind”)
•Vocal Duets, Trios, and Quartets (Duets 19 and over)–1. Annelise Hawrylak/Susan Flemming (“The Gift of Love”)
•Contemporary Ballad in Sacred Song Style (16 and under)–1. Jodi Barker (“Arms of Love”) 2. Hilary Sedgwick (“We Will Glorify”)
< *c>Dance program
< *c>(Non-competitive)
< *c>9:30 a.m.
•Modern or Jazz Dance
–Joelli Barron, Jazmine Gauthier, Riley Keast, Jenna Nowak, Lauren Krueger, and Brooke Fontana (“Rockin’ Fun Jazz”)
–Pamela Cherry, Armando Gauthier, Michele Gilbert, Stephanie Gartshore, Lorena Jenks, and Leslie Danielson (“Scratchin’ the Surf”)
•Ethnic Dance (Folk and Native)–Pamela Cherry, Sallee Drazenovich, Michele Gilbert, Sara Hallikas, Jenna-Rae Tucker, Jessica George, Aubrie Byrne, Danielle Lee, Sarah Hebert, and Katie Pierroz (“Rollin’ in America”)
•Ballet–Stephanie Gartshore, Sarah Hallikas, Sallee Drazenovich, Michelle Gilbert, Shailynn McMahon, Sarah Hebert, and Jenna-Rae Tucker (“Für Elise”)
•Tap Dance
–Armando Gauthier, Michele Gilbert, Shailynn McMahon, Katie Pierroz, Stephanie Gartshore, Jennifer Coats, and Susan Ploegman (“Tappy Two Tap”)
–Katie Blais, Nakita-Rose Morrisseau, Jazmine Gauthier, Kenna Stanley, and Chantel McLeod (“Advance Spectacular Tap-a-One”)
–Nicole Fontana, Victoria Gosselin, Lindsey Wachter, Andrea Nelson, Anna Jakubowski, Jazmine Gauthier, Nakita-Rose Morrisseau, Laura Sprovieri (“Sh-Boom, Life Could Be a Dream”)
–Joelle Barron, Katie Blais, Aubrie Byrne, Jessica George, Victoria Gosselin, Riley Keast, Laura Sprovieri, Jenna Nowak, Lindsey Wachter, Lauren Krueger, Brooke Fontana, and Jasmine Gauthier (“Any Man of Mine”)