FCC to give grants to 4-H clubs

Press Release

4-H Canada is pleased to announce Farm Credit Canada (FCC) 4-H Club Fund will contribute $100,000 in grants to 206 4-H clubs, districts and regions across Canada in 2020, supporting local clubs’ initiatives, with the ultimate goal of empowering youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders that effect positive change in the world around them.

The FCC 4-H Club Fund awards up to $500 to local 4-H clubs every year, towards developing their existing programs, covering the costs associated with local events and exchanges, supporting their volunteers or purchasing various resource materials.

4-H Canada and FCC have worked together in building thriving communities in partnership with youth leaders fore more than 25 years.

The Club Fund is part of FCC’s $250,000 annual commitment to 4-H Canada.

The next application period for the FCC 4-H Club Fund opens in August 2020.

For more information on the FCC 4-H Club Fund, please visit 4-h-canada.ca/clubfunds.