EPL is looking to the future

If you think public libraries are only about books, you can file that thought under fiction. They’re at the forefront of the digital communications age.
That’s what Ontario Public Library Week 2002 is all about, said Shirley Sheppard, head librarian at the Emo Public Library, adding public libraries are committed to ensuring communities can participate fully in our knowledge-based society.
The EPL will be hosting an open house during Ontario Public Library Week, which kicks off Monday (Oct. 21). Free coffee, dainties, and draws will be available throughout the week, and donations are welcome any time.
Ontario’s public libraries are taking a lead in Internet literacy. Today’s young Canadians are the first generation to grow up on the Internet and we know that parenting the ’Net generation can be a real challenge.
That’s why public libraries are ready with practical Web awareness information and resources for parents to use in helping their children be safe, wise, and responsible Internet users.
Across Ontario, public libraries also have embraced new technology and media to expand their leadership role in making information and all points of view available to everyone—from large urban centres to small communities.
During Ontario Public Library Week, libraries will showcase traditional and electronic products such as Internet access, CD-ROMs, video tapes and DVDs, as well a Web-based databases, including online encyclopedias, directories, indexes, and magazine databases.
Access to new technologies may vary from library to library, but the approach to innovation is consistent. Ontario Public Libraries are mindful of their core values to serve everyone regardless of skill or ability to pay.
The principle of providing materials of all kinds—on all sides of an issue—has guided public libraries for many years, and will serve to sustain their popularity and central role in our society in the future.
Sheppard and assistant librarian Kathie Leek invite you to visit the EPL during this week and chit-chat, enjoy refreshments, and make yourself feel right at home.