Emo wary of fire response in Kingsford

EMO—Emo council has opted to follow the Township of Alberton’s example and examine fire response outside its limits, in areas such as Kingsford.
At last week’s regular council meeting, Coun. Ken Fisher stressed this as an issue that should be dealt with as soon as possible.
“It’s obviously a problem,” he stated, citing the questions of insurance, liability, and regulations which inhibit Emo’s volunteer fire department from legally responding to a blaze outside the township.
If one of Emo’s firefighters is injured on the job outside the boundaries, for instance, the municipality’s insurance wouldn’t cover the claim.
Coun. Gary Judson added it also could be a problem if the Emo fire truck was responding to a call in Kingsford when another call came in from within the township.
“It’s not just us—it is an issue that needs to be looked at,” Coun. Fisher stressed. “I’d hate to see a fire up there before we have a chance to do something.
“I know we would want to go and help, but if someone gets hurt, we’re liable,” he warned.
While there haven’t been any incidents in the unincorporated areas surrounding Emo recently, it was noted the fire department had responded to fires there in the past.
Coun. Fisher suggested asking residents of Kingsford to pay a fee to join their fire department. But he was informed they had been asked before and declined.
“It’s been a problem elsewhere, so maybe they’d be more interested now,” he countered.
Coun. Judson further proposed they ask them to join the municipality of Emo. “Then they would have all the same services,” he said.
Council decided they would ask a representative from Kingsford to meet with them to discuss the matter.
“Alberton won’t go out to a fire [outside its boundaries], so we shouldn’t, either,” Coun. Fisher argued. “And we need to do something about it before it’s too late.”
(Fort Frances Times)