Emo to study water intake

Given the low water levels on Rainy River in recent summers, Emo is planning to remedy the situation in accordance with the requirements of a class environmental assessment for municipal water and wastewater projects.
Council there then will proceed with the recommendations of this study and begin designing a proposed new water intake for the community.
The preferred solution is to provide an extension to the existing water intake line to a greater depth of water. This would alleviate current concerns over low flows in the river, including providing protection from concerns about levels when the water freezes.
The water intake study should begin by Feb. 11, providing any concerns regarding the project are resolved by then. The estimated cost is $120,000.
The extension is desperately needed, said Brenda Cooke, Emo’s administrator and clerk-treasurer.
“There have been situations in the past when water levels have been very low,” she noted. “We applied for emergency funding but we need to do a study first.”
Cooke said the water intake line has been fixed but an upgrade is required. The town will apply for funding from OSTAR—the Ontario Small Town and Rural Development Initiative through the Rural Economic Development Program
Emo has been experiencing low-water problems for years. Previously, council lowered the intake pipe in hopes of ensuring a water supply.
They also tried to drop another line further down, and enforced a water usage bylaw last August due to the overuse of treated water during dry weather.
Emo’s water treatment plant was not able to produce water fast enough to keep up with usage.