Emo subdivision close to agreement

Emo could have its first registered subdivision in a matter of days, ending a parade of red tape and paperwork for both the municipality and the developer.
Reeve Brian Reid said the subdivision agreement for the Meadowlands subdivision is in its final stages, and could be signed and registered shortly.
“I don’t know if it would be ready by Friday or early next week,” Reeve Reid said, saying much of it depended on how fast the final paperwork can be shuffled from one lawyer to the next.
But Meadowlands developer Ted Kaemingh said last night that won’t be until next week since one of the lawyers is on vacation until then.
“Every time you get ready to do something, somebody goes on vacation,” he laughed.
Kaemingh said the delays over the past several months have been very frustrating. The original plan was to have the subdivision ready by Sept. 30 last year–more than 10 months ago.
And while Emo Township is saying everything is in the final stages, Kaemingh noted he’s heard that tune before.
“I’m ready to sign the thing if the paperwork comes in–we’re waiting for it,” he said. “But there’s always a few little things not done.
“I’ll believe it when I see it come in,” he added.
But Reeve Reid stressed the end was in sight, and that only a few final numbers were needed to be dropped into the agreement to finalize it.
“We want to get it finalized and get it registered as a planned subdivision,” he said. “Then you or I can buy a deeded piece of property.”
In related news, a timeline still hasn’t been established for Echo Lake Estates, the subdivision Tom Judson built at the west end of Emo.
Reeve Reid said there may be one government item that still has to be worked out but added he didn’t anticipate any major problems for Judson once Kaemingh’s subdivision got underway.
“Hopefully we can get things don quickly for that one,” he said.
“Since the developers used the same lawyer, unless there are some unforeseen circumstances, it should be the the same agreement,” Reeve Reid noted.