Emo resident turns 107

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

Cis McComb celebrated her 107th birthday on May 29.

This honourable and amazing event was celebrated at the Emo Health Center, where Cis makes her home.

Despite COVID-19, a fun filled birthday party was held for Cis. Along with other residents (social distanced), she enjoyed time in the sunroom, with windows wide open. They listened to the sweet sound of old time music played by Mary Curtis and Marshall Bazinet.

A birthday cake was enjoyed by all. And then to add the “icing to the cake” local fire trucks from several areas drove by, with full lights, sirens and local volunteers paying their tribute.

Cis enjoyed this while sitting outside, taking it all in. A smile on her face, as she took in all the people that wanted to celebrate her birthday.

The staff also enjoyed the day. They were more than happy to share the day with Cis, who is greatly admired for her sense of humour, sharp mind and the value she brings.

Cis’s birthday celebrations actually started May 28. Ladies from the Emo United Church sang in the balcony. This was organized by Janet Loney.

I was fortunate to have words from Cis shared with me through Shari Peters, the hospital’s Activation programmer.

Cis shared that “Its pretty good that I’m still here, but sometimes I wonder why?”

“It’s amazing that I’m as old as I am.” “I’m happy and I have a lot of friends and family who love me. Sometimes I remember certain things and sometimes I don’t.”

Cis wanted to thank all the people that thought of her and wished her well on her birthday. Thanks to the musicians and singers. She truly appreciates the kindness.

I think it’s easy to tell that Cis is a remarkable person, I asked Liz Donaldson, a long time friend, if she would share her feelings about Cis. She shared that Cis is ready to leave this life. She’s at complete peace with that. Liz remembers one of these conversations, and said to Cis, “you’re like a flower that hasn’t finished blooming yet.” Liz remembers how Cis laughed and laughed. She says Cis likes Sunday because they have bacon for breakfast.

Her relatives had these kind words to say:

“I can’t wait for COVID-19 to be over so that we can just hug, talk, lay together like before. I also know from the many years of conversations that Aunt Cis has always said to me not to cry for her when she’s gone. Then I always tell her she’ll be gone and she won’t be able to tell me what to do.”

“I love this woman so much. She’s an amazing grandma, a fantastic person, with a kind and loving soul.”

I’m sure by now we’ve all come to realize Cis McComb is quite the dynamic lady. On behalf of the entire Rainy River District I would like to wish Cis a happy 107th birthday. May you continue to shine your light!