Emo museum seeking volunteers


Board members of the Rainy River District Women’s Institute Emo Museum are feeling cautiously optimistic for the future of the historic facility.
A recent meeting, held to generate volunteers and new board members, “was well attended,” according to museum board member Annie van Rozen. To continue to build interest, the board will be holding a second meeting, September 8, at 6:30 p.m. Anyone curious about how they could help is encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held in the lawn, but organizers ask that attendees bring a mask, in case weather drives the meeting indoors.
The board is looking for both volunteers and replacement board members, to reinvigorate the facility.
“A new board would bring new ideas. New ways of doing things,” said van Rozen. “We would be there to help them into the future, to do what they want to do.”
The current board put a call out for help in March, but the volunteer drive went on hold due to COVID-19.
The 60 year-old museum employs two summer students, hired through grants. It traditionally raises funds through teas and lunches. COVID has eliminated that income, but the facility has found a new income source in the Community Calendar. Knox United Church opened the fundraiser to the community, and the publisher called the museum to invite them aboard.
“Our finances are okay,” said van Rozen. What they really need is help. More volunteers mean the facility can stay open for more hours, and generate more interest in the facility, noted van Rozen.
Anyone looking for more information on volunteering can call van Rozen at 482 3941, or e-mail annievanrozen1960@gmail.com.