Emo landfill application enters second phase

Emo council has just sent its Phase Two funding application to FedNor in the next step towards landing a biomass waste disposal and recovery pilot project, Reeve Russ Fortier said.
Phase Two funding of the proposed landfill site will cover a complete engineering operational analysis, which will involve a site evaluation, test drilling, geophysical site projections, a full-scale environmental impact assessment, site-sizing projections, cost summaries on construction, and operation facets.
“We just sent out all the materials Thursday afternoon,” said consultant Roger Dolyny, who estimates it probably will be six weeks before they receive word back from FedNor.
Dolyny estimated a complete waste flow analysis will need to encompass a 150-200 mile radius.
“When that’s all sized, they’ll size an operation to fit the development,” he noted. “When that happens, then we can turn around to the open market.”
The operational analysis is expected to last 18-24 months. “From there to Phase Three it’s anybody’s guess—it all depends on sizing,” Dolyny remarked.
“Right now, everything hinges on the operational analysis.”
The analysis will benefit all municipalities in the district, Dolyny said. “It’s going to be something every municipality will be able to utilize information from and that’ll be of great benefit.
“One of those things we’re looking at [in the district] is a gradual erosion of the population base because we’re hung up on timber and tourism. We’ve got to develop something else,” Dolyny stressed, referring to the landfill site.
“It’s a green business . . . and down the road, there’s the added aspect of renewable energy,” he continued. “Diversifying the economy is something we don’t have anyplace in Northwestern Ontario.”
Phase One of the project included conducting a preliminary engineering topographical site survey, finding a location, holding public meetings, and organizing a Biomass Waste Recovery committee trip to Michigan to view operating landfill sites there.
Emo wants a landfill site fashioned on one near Detroit, where Carleton Farms Landfill collects waste and uses the resulting methane gas to provide electricity.
In related news, Emo resident Jamie Eliuk gave a presentation to council on alternative methods for waste disposal during its March 27 meeting.
Eliuk had noticed some mutual funds he sells invest in Eco Waste Solutions, an American company.
“My community is overviewing waste disposal,” and thought it’d be an idea to present to council, he said.
The company manufactures clean-burning waste oxidizers to convert solid and liquid non-recyclable residential, industrial, commercial, and hospital waste streams into re-usable material and energy.
The company builds to the customer’s specifications.
Also discussed during last week’s council meeting:
•Emo will be designing a new tourism brochure;
•Couns. Doug Hodge and Gary Judson will attend a “Week in Ottawa,” hosted by local MP Robert Nault;
•the replacement of three chemical-feed pumps at the water treatment plant;
•land ambulance funding as discussed during the last Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board meeting; and
•the WHO conference and Emo luncheon planned for Wednesday, May 8.