Emo grocery store to expand

Attention Emo shoppers: your grocery store soon will be expanding.
There’s lots of work to be done, but Cloverleaf owners Mark and Dan Loney are building a bigger store and plan to be open for Christmas.
Construction of the new store will begin soon behind Fairway on Highway 11/71. Dan Loney said the store will be bigger but that it’s too early to give definite square footage estimates.
“We have a plan in the works but nothing’s final yet,” he noted.
The Loneys know they have a lot of work ahead of them (they’re meeting with engineers and architects), but they’re also looking forward to the new store.
“We’re working hard on it. It’s good for the town and they’ve been good to us,” Loney said.
The original Cloverleaf store on Front Street was opened in 1932 by Lawrence Loney, grandfather of Mark and Dan. The Loneys then purchased the Fairway Store two years ago from former Emo Reeve Brian Reid and began renovating almost immediately.
The pair also talked about merging the Fairway and Cloverleaf stores soon after acquiring the former one.