Emo elects newcomer as next mayor

Sam Odrowski

Harold McQuaker is the new mayor of Emo and he says he’s eager to serve the town.
In Monday’s municipal election, McQuaker received a total of 340 votes, followed by Michael Loney (137) and Vincent Sheppard (123).
Emo’s council saw incumbents Warren Toles (414 votes) and Lori-Ann Shortreed (329) win re-election.
They will be joined by newcomers Harrold Boven (475) and Lincoln Dunn (385).
The other candidates for Emo council were Carmon (Dusty) Sheppard (295) and Brendan Loney (271).
McQuaker has no prior experience in local politics but said his experience running a successful business since 1968 should translate well.
“A municipality has to be run basically the same as any business,” he reasoned.
“You have to keep everything in check and balanced, keep infrastructure in place, and provide the same level of service.”
McQuaker has overseen 15-20 employees from spring to fall for the last 50 years, and said his management skills definitely will be an asset to Emo.
He noted his focus is on transparency, honesty, and accountability when making any decision relating to the municipality.
“We’ve got to take a good look at things and see what can be done, what needs to be changed, and what can be improved on,” McQuaker remarked.
Other areas of attention include fiscal responsibility and monitoring spending.
McQuaker is grateful to have been elected as mayor and looks forward to serving his constituents.
“I’d like to thank everyone who helped put me in and even the ones that didn’t,” he said.
“I’ll serve the whole community with the same feelings and do the best I can,” he pledged.