Emo curling ‘funspiel’ well-received

Maybe they fell down once or twice, and perhaps most of their rocks didn’t make it over the hog line.
In fact, many had never curled before, but that didn’t stop young and old alike from having a blast during the “funspiel” at the newly-renovated curling club in Emo on Boxing Day.
“It was really good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves,” said Coun. Gary Judson, who had taken the initiative to organize the event after spearheading the recent $100,000 renovation project at the club.
Work included adding a new white tin roof, installing plug-ins throughout the main area, and pouring a cement floor for under the ice.
“It’s a really nice facility and will bring connection to the community,” Coun. Judson noted.
He said he’d like to revive the sport of curling in Emo, as well as be able to use the curling rink for other functions, such as dances or flea markets.
With a newly-poured cement floor and plug-ins, he stressed that will be possible.
The project was only just completed, with the “funspiel” meant to mark the facility’s re-opening—both to let people see the changes and to remind them how much fun curling is.
“I think people are pretty keen to get curling going again,” Coun. Judson remarked after seeing Monday’s turn-out.
“[The ‘funspiel’] was definitely well-received,” he added. “I didn’t hear any negative comments. In fact, I was told by one person that he had never curled on such good ice.”
Ten teams took part in the event, with Doug, Colleen, Ashley, and Jeff Cross capturing first place on the ‘A’ side. Peggy, Lianie, Karen, and Rob Johnson earned top honours in the ‘B’ event.
Peggy Johnson noted everyone got a prize, which were donated from businesses in the community, and that everyone seemed to have a good time.
“It was a good start for people to begin curling again,” she added.
Danny Schulzki, who said he hasn’t curled in nine years, also enjoyed the day.
“The ice wasn’t in the best condition because there was a problem with the plant,” he noted. “But that didn’t stop the Emo curling crew from having fun.”
Although he hasn’t been a big curling fan in the past, Schulzki said he’s now looking into joining a league.
“[The ‘funspiel’] kind of got me hooked,” he remarked, adding he’ll be looking for a place to curl in Winnipeg.
“We didn’t even win a game and I still liked it,” he enthused.
He also said he understood curling was a big deal in Emo about 15-20 years ago.
“The ‘funspiel’ showed that the interest is still there,” he added. “Everyone seemed fired-up to get it going again.”
Jeff Cross agreed, noting there was a solid turn-out with a good mix of skills and abilities.
“There were some who curled a lot and some who were just enjoying themselves,” he said, adding the ice surface is much better than before and the whole rink is more up-to-date.
“I’d definitely go back to curling regularly if they got some more events going,” Cross said.