Emo beef club meets

The Emo Beef Club had its first meeting Wednesday, May 9 at the research station in Emo. It was attended by 11 kids–some new to the beef club and some veterans.
An election of officers took place and then we discussed options on how to go about this year’s club.
It was decided, as a group, to have a workshop June 8 at Ken Fisher’s farm. This will give us all a chance to meet again and learn how to take care of our beef products so we can start preparing for the Emo Fair.
We also decided to have a fun-day some time later in July, where we will be able to have our own animals with us for some serious hands-on work.
The fair will be here before we know it. We all have lots of work to do so see you at Ken Fisher’s.
P.S. Don’t forget your clean rubber boots!