Elementary teachers unanimous behind deal

The local Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario last Thursday unanimously approved the tentative agreement recently negotiated with the Rainy River District School Board.
The board will vote on this agreement at its regular board meeting tomorrow night (June 7).
Once the provincial framework was in place, the local public board and its elementary teachers negotiating teams knew there was a real opportunity to achieve improvements.
Following many hours of hard work on the part of the two negotiating teams and their resource personnel, they were able to freely negotiate a collective agreement without any serious delays. The 100 percent acceptance of this agreement by the elementary teachers indicates they think it is a fair and reasonable deal.
This agreement benefits students, staff, programs, and schools. The elementary teachers are very appreciative of the board’s professionalism and openness throughout the process.
Local elementary teachers can now, without interruption, continue doing their excellent job of teaching the children in the public board’s elementary schools.