EKO Scholarship Program includes a new award for Indigenous students

Press release

Applications are now accepted for the 2021 EKO Scholarship Program

Beginning this year, EKO will add a new scholarship for Indigenous students to the EKO Scholarship Program.

An anonymous donor to the program wanted to empower the efforts of Canadian First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth who are seeking to pursue career training following the completion of their secondary education.

This brings the total to six awards available this year for Ontario students pursuing their career-training or higher education goals, with each award valued at $2,500.

“This new scholarship couldn’t be more timely. Last year EKO opened its membership to all Ontario publicly-supported providers of child development and rehabilitation services,” says EKO Chair Penny Smiley. “We recently welcomed two new members, reaching further into Northern Ontario and growing EKO’s relationships with organizations that serve Indigenous communities.”

“Relationships between EKO member organizations and their communities are vital,” says EKO CEO Jennifer Churchill. “This generous support for young learners emphasizes the connections our members have with their communities.”

By empowering the next generation to continue their education and pursue their passions, Ontario communities benefit from the positive impacts EKO Scholars—all future leaders—will make. “We are thrilled to help make their ambitions a reality,” Churchill adds.

The EKO Scholarship is open to students who have been clients of an EKO member agency pursuing post-secondary education at college, university, and Indigenous Institutes, or their chosen career training program. The program delivers on EKO’s vision of kids with disabilities living their best lives. In addition to empowering Ontario youth, EKO hopes to decrease the unemployment bias for this demographic.

“We believe nothing should stand in the way of promising young people pursuing their higher education and career goals,” says Churchill. “We are honoured to recognize students with disabilities who have shown determination, self-advocacy, academic success and a commitment to their community, as they embark on this next phase of their lives.”

Selection criteria includes demonstrated leadership in school and/or in their community, a personal statement, and recommendations by school and community mentors.

Completed applications for the EKO Scholarship are accepted online through May 31, 2021.