DYS to get computer lab

The new school year at Donald Young in Emo is off to a great start, with the installation of a new computer lab expecting to be completed by the end of September.
Principal Nancy Fretter said the new lab will have 28 “modern” computers, all with a high-end Pentium II processor or better.
“Plus one in each classroom for the teachers and students to use,” Fretter added. “And a couple in the library.”
Right now, the computers are spread out evenly through the school, putting two or three in each classroom. The addition of about 13 new ones to create the lab about doubles the number of computer access students at DYS have.
More importantly, Fretter stressed, it now allows teachers to do computer with the entire class at the same time.
“We plan on doing keyboarding with every class so they can be competent at typing,” she said, noting the Ministry of Education has licensed several software programs, such as Corel and WordPerfect, for schools to use.
The new lab also means students in grades seven and eight will start plotting their geometry work in cyberspace. One of the province’s curriculum objectives is to have intermediate students do math work on a computer, Fretter said.
“Up until now, we couldn’t,” she said. “Now we’ll be able to use the math program for [grades seven and eight].”
Lucinda Meyers is one of the teachers who will be teaching with the new math software, called “Geometer Sketch Pad.” Although she’s still learning the ins and outs, she feels her students will take to it well.
“It’s a construction program where the kids will be asked to construct angles, flips, and slides,” Meyers explained. “It will certainly liven up the geometry program.”
“There’s all kinds of programs on the computers for all grade levels,” she continued. “And the Internet–all the students use that for research projects.
“I can do keyboarding as a class [with the lab],” Meyers said. “It’s going to be a whole lot easier where before I had four computers in my room.”