DYS stages Christmas concert

Lights are everywhere at this time of year, and the same held true at Donald Young School for its annual Christmas concert.
The students, through their performances, told the capacity crowd on hand that this was the season to celebrate the Light of the World bringing life to all.
The program, which featured a splendid variety, opened with the DYS staff performing “Were You There?” and “Slow Rocking Christmas,” accompanied by Cheryl Low.
This has been the tradition for staff to participate in this manner.
The junior kindergarten students followed with one selection, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” then recited “A Star Poem,” much to the overwhelming approval of the audience.
The senior kindergarten class and grades five/six then presented the Christmas pageant, with the background choir singing “Glory in the Highest,” “Away in the Manger” and “Bethlehem Star,” directed by Dorothy Quibell.
The grade ones, directed by Charleen Gustafson, later performed two numbers, “The Jesse Tree” and “We Three Kings,” followed by the grade eight class reciting “What Child is This?”
The grade two rhythm band gave out hope, peace, joy and love in their musical, “Rudolph and Jingle Bell Rock,” then Allison Loney, Allison Ogilvie and J.J. Hunsperger recited “It’s Christmas.”
The “Magic Black Light,” “In Bethlehem” with background music, and “Silent Night” by the grades five/six was a stellar performance, directed by June Winik.
This is Winik’s last Christmas at DYS as she is taking retirement after this school term. If there was any music heard within the walls of DYS, you could be sure Winik was behind the action.
There will be quite a few accomplished artists to take her place but it will not be Winik at the helm.
Kim Bolen’s grade seven/eight class later presented the song, “The 12 Days of Christmas” (another stellar performance), then the grades six/seven, under the supervision of Bill James, presented “Christmas Gifts to the World.”
The grade threes followed in a skit, “The Importance of People,” directed by Gary Gamsby, followed by the grade twos, directed by Cheryl Low, in their French dance “Vive le Vent.”
The program concluded with the singing of two festive songs, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” and “Come on Ring Those Bells,” by the joint school choir directed by Winik.