DYS Jump Rope

The “Jump Rope for Heart Event” at Donald Young School on Friday afternoon was a success in raising approximately $4000. DYS staff were pleased that so many students were willing to volunteer to raise funds for this cause.
For 21 years the Heart and Stroke Foundation has raised monies to help people who struggle with heart nd brain injuries or poor health. DYS has participated for seven years and are glad to help others this way. Many of the families have people who have had strokes or heart attacks. “Isn’t it good to know you are helping these families by supporting this organization?” noted the coordinator Marie-Ann deGroot.
“We also are helping to prevent this from happening to us when we are involved in activities that strengthen our hearts,” added deGroot. “skipping is one great exercise for that.”
There was a lot of help in preparing for this event from volunteers. The Heart Health Coalition donated money, Fairway and Cloverleaf groceries donated food for this event. “We thank them for their donations,” said deGroot. “Eating healthy food is another way we keep our heart healthy.”
“Thank you gos to Ms Tolen, Mrs. Yeo and many of the students in Ms Toen’s class who helped set up this event today,” added deGroot. Team Captains made sure someone was skipping at all times, except when the bell rang, students then moved on to the next event with everyone listening to the Captain. Skipping supervisors watched out for pupils to keep them safe and happy. Ms Tolen had warm ups to start and cool down at th conclusion. Everyone had a great time.