DYS holds awards ceremony, graduation

Donald Young School held its awards assembly last Tuesday morning (June 19) in the gym, attended by few parents and friends. The program was emceed by teacher Lucinda Meyers.
Third-graders Taylor Latimer and Marcas Veldhuisen this year were the recipients of the Grant Shine Memorial Plaque, presented by Linda Angus. Kristine Bombay earned the Larry Bullied Memorial Plaque, which is given each year to a grade seven student.
It was presented by Mrs. Lorraine Bullied.
Meanwhile, a presentation of pins were awarded to groups at DYS. Peer mediators are trained students who help other students solve problems and disputes on the playground. They have greatly reduced the number of disputes and have made our playground a safer and happier place.
Pins were presented to Allison Loney, JJ Hunsperger, Amy Nielson, Danny Lalonde, Daniel Veldhuisen, Van Paul Allan, Maverick Judson, Jamie DeGagne, Rosalie Loney, Rachel Hettinga, Gordie Matheson, Doug Veldhuisen, Ashley Bombay, Kaszia Nault, Nicole Simmons, and Brittany Jackson.
The “Save the Earth” Club has expanded to become a birding club, a garden club, and an environmental club. They plant gardens in the playground, study birds, and put on an assembly to remind us to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Receiving pins were Tasha McNally, Taylor Latimer, Taylor Hartlin, Marissa Smith, Brittnee Hunter, Heidi Emond, Melissa McGinnis, Susan Stewart, and Jessie Baker.
That same evening, DYS students, staff members, parents, and friends gathered in the gym for more presentations, and it was jam-packed for this occasion.
The Ontario Municipal Council award for student leadership went to Amy Nielson. The Chamber of Commerce bursaries for the highest averages in grade eight were Sarah Hettinga, Judith Hunsperger, and Brett Meyers.
The Active Citizenship Award was won by Judith Hunsperger while the Dorothy Bonot Award for athletic achievement went to Sarah Hettinga.
The DYS Class of 2001 included Jamie DeGagne, Thomas Edwards, Jacob Esselink, Joey Galloway, Sarah Hettinga, Judith Hunsperger, Brett Meyers, Allison Loney, Amy Nielson, Ruth Nussbaumer, Riley Ogden, Allison Ogilvie, Danielle O’Sullivan, Matthew Redford, Jayme Shrachan, Daniel Veldhuisen, Jolene Veldhuisen, and Holly Williams.
Lucinda Meyers gave the principal’s welcome while Bill Low was the guest speaker. A musical presentation was by Kristina Bombay while Ms. Tolen showed a video presentation.
The processional and recession was played by Cheryl Low. Following the program, refreshments and socializing took place.
In other news at DYS, grade eight students had three fun days in Winnipeg, where they visited the Royal Canadian Mint, Air Force Heritage Park, IMAX Theatre, Museum of Man and Nature, Planetarium, Science Centre, a Goldeyes baseball game, and the Oak Hammock Interpretive Centre.
Thanks to Ms. Tolen for planning this wonderful educational opportunity for the students, Mrs. Yeo for helping organize the trip, and parent volunteers who accompanied the students.
The last school council meeting was held Tuesday, June 5, during which the parent survey results were analyzed and recommendations were given for the School Improvment Plan for next year.
Other items discussed were Safe School Initiatives Training session, the number of behaviour reports over the last two months, sun safety guidelines for school councils, and staffing for the 2001-02 school year.
Staff will include Charlene Gustafson (grade 1/2), Helen Mose (grade 2/3), Kim Olsen (grade 3/4). Sherri Allan (grade 5), Lucinda Meyers (grade 6/7), Kerri Tolen (grade 7/8), Vicki Loney (JK), and Wilma Esselink (SK).
Rounding out the staff are Rod Enns (Special Ed./Reading Recovery), Adriana Shulz (French/Prep.), and Mary Bombay (Ojibwe).
EA’s will be Pam VanHeyst, Linda Ridsdale, Paulette Henttonen, and Marie-Ann DeGroot while Rainy River First Nation EA’s will be Tina Leonard, Tina McGinnis, and Josephine Leonard.
The school secretary will be Terri Yeo, caretaker Ruth Siemens, and bus drivers Roseanne Leonard, Ken Fisher, David Kaemingh, and Wayne Flatt.
The biggest change will see Nancy Fretter, after five years as principal at DYS, moving on to take over as principal at Riverview and McCrosson/Tovell schools.
The staff, students, and school community will be welcoming Bob Derksen as the new principal at DYS.
Mrs. Newman, who had taken over temporarily as principal at DYS during Mrs. Fretter’s recovery from an auto accident, thanked the staff and students for their wonderful support during the past two months.
“I was inspired by the collaborative efforts and dedication of DYS school community,” she said.