DYS clean-up day

According to principal Lucinda Meyers, everything went without a hitch at Donald Young School’s clean-up day.
Special thanks go out to Patty and Paige McNally, Frances, Casey, and Ian Grant, Elaine and Jimmy Mack, John Laplante, Stephen and Sarah Hillier, Natasha and Chad VanWallenghem, Harold McQuaker, Sherri and Kyle Hay, Geoff Pearce, Diane Carlson, Shawn Bullied, and Maurice Judson.
DYS also is reminding students to think about injury prevention while riding their bikes and playing outdoors this summer.
The school also is asking families to save the tabs from pop/juice cans. They will be used for costumes for next year’s play.
In other news, DYS is holding its play day on Friday, June 18. Volunteers are needed to help out with the various activities.
Grade 3 and 6 students at DYS completed their EQAO testing May 27, which were sent to Toronto for marking.
DYS was pleased to hear about last year’s EQAO results, which saw the ranked 446th out of 2,887 (the top 15 percent of the province). As well, the school was number four in Northwestern Ontario.
Upcoming events to remember include the chess tournament (June 11), the intermediate baseball tournament (June 14), the junior baseball tournament (June 15), and the Grade 8 graduation (June 22).
The last day of school is June 23.