Duckie race surpasses last year

The 16th-annual Crime Stoppers “Great Rubber Duckie River Race” was held at the Sorting Gap Marina last night.
Almost 900 tickets were sold, surpassing last year’s total, with all proceeds going to Crime Stoppers rewards.
The first-place winner was Ray Armit, who will receive $1,000. There also were 10 prizes of $50 each, which went to:
•Diane Noonan (second place);
•Clara Davis (third place);
•Jas Spencer (fourth place);
•Nick Pierroz (last place);
•Mickey Christiansen (upside down duck);
•Caryn Legg (sideways left duck);
•Darren Derendorf (sideways right duck);
•Bill Gushulak (most beautiful duck);
•Chris Raboin (ugliest duck); and
•Alice Ivall (spinning duck)