District projects funded by feds, province

Press Release

Residents of Fort Frances, Alberton, La Vallee, Emo, Morley, Rainy River, and Dawson will benefit from federal and provincial infrastructure funding announced Friday.
These projects will improve transportation efficiency, support a healthier environment, and enhance local facilities, services, and create local jobs.
“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our government is getting shovels in the ground and flowing money faster to stimulate the economy and create jobs for Ontarians,” said Kenora MP Greg Rickford.
“Thanks to the strong relationship between our two governments, we can work together to help Ontario communities and the economy thrive immediately and in the future,” he added.
“Under the leadership of Premier Dalton McGuinty, Ontario is leading the way,” echoed Northern Development and Mines minister Michael Gravelle.
“We are creating jobs and the decisions announced today [June 12] will soon lead to improved transportation and enhanced facilities and services in our communities.
“Our governments are working together to modernize infrastructure—creating a competitive advantage that attracts business and strengthens our economy today and into the future,” he stressed.
Projects benefitting from the Building Canada Fund (Communities Component Funding) include:
•Town of Fort Frances—Public Library and Technology Centre construction ($983,690 each from the federal and provincial governments);
•Township of La Vallee—Cain Road rehabilitation ($32,000 from each); and
•Township of Dawson—River Road upgrade ($33,000 from each).
Projects benefitting from the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund (ISF) include:
•Town of Rainy River—Refurbishment of municipal garage/fire hall ($140,000 each from the federal and provincial governments);
•Town of Rainy River—Municipal office renewal ($15,000 from each);
•Township of Dawson—Pinewood fire hall addition ($47,666.67 from each);
•Township of Dawson—Atwood Road #2 upgrade ($29,333.33 from each);
•Township of Emo—Fisher Road rebuild project ($41,667 from each);
•Township of La Vallee—Emo-La Vallee Community Centre retrofit ($12,136 from each);
•Township of La Vallee—Pyne Road rehabilitation ($19,000 from each);
•Township of Alberton—Alberton fire hall ($62,585 from each); and
•Township of Morley—Community Centre Complex rehabilitation ($27,000 from each).