District man celebrates 75th birthday

Art Bonot celebrated his 75th birthday one day in advance Saturday at the Emo Health Centre to ensure all family members could be present.
Despite being hospitalized, it was a happy occasion for Art, a well-known fastball enthusiast who was a one-time player, coach, and fan of the Emo Legion team.
He enjoyed every minute of the day.
At 10 a.m., the Emo Inn coffee gang—of which Art is a regular member when illness doesn’t interfere—paid him a visit. Ralph Wolframe, Neil Grant, Mark VanHeyst, and I presented Art with a one-layer decorated marble panel cake with a design of a fisherman catching his fish.
A birthday card also was presented to him.
The coffee gang would like to thank Pam Meyers for cleaning up the dishes after us.
During the surprise luncheon, the family came to wish their father and grandfather a happy birthday. They also brought along a one-layer decorated cake, inscribed “Happy Birthday Dad and Grandfather.”
The cake also bore a design of a baseball, which put a smile on his face.
The immediate family, Bryan and Nevin Bonot and their sister, Denise Bliss, had supper with him in his room atthe Emo Health Centre while the rest of the family stayed at Art’s residence.
It was different for dessert, when every member of the family appeared in his hospital room—all enjoying each other’s company and having a piece of the calorie-laden cake.