Devlin day care centre becomes non-profit

The Country View Child Care Centre, located at Crossroads School in Devlin, received papers last week deeming it a not-for-profit day care facility.
Supervisor Bobbi Morken noted it was her idea to make the change from a for-profit facility to the not-for-profit service.
“It will give a voice to more people in the community,” she remarked. “It will also give us the opportunity to apply for government grants.”
Morken said she hopes to receive some grants to expand the day care’s programs to include an infant and junior kindergarten program.
“We’d like to make it more of a family centre reaching all of the needs of those in the community,” she explained. “And that includes infants, toddlers, and those in JK.
“There is such a need for infant care here,” Morken added. “There are so many parents who have babies and want to go back to work, but they just don’t know what to do.”
She also noted the almost school-aged children currently are grouped with the toddlers.
“There is such a difference in development at those ages, so we’d like to see a program geared more towards preparing the pre-schoolers for kindergarten,” she stressed.
Morken will continue to supervise the day care centre, but no longer will be fully in charge.
A board of directors has been established—consisting of parents and community members—that will take over the management of the facility, ensuring policies and procedures are being met.
“It is really exciting,” Morken enthused. “When it was for-profit, it was run like a business and that’s not the way it should be.”
Morken recalled seeing other day care centres run in a business-like manner and they were “really struggling.”
“I would have hated to see something like that happen here,” she remarked.
She noted the change also helps to get the parents involved in what’s going on at the day care.
“I think this is a push in the right direction for the children, the facility, and the community,” Morken said.