DeGagne resigns from Alberton council

FORT FRANCES—Alberton Coun. Yves DeGagne has resigned after just four months into his four-year term.
His resignation became effective last Tuesday (March 6) when he submitted it in writing to the clerk at the township office.
According to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, under the recent changes made to the legislation through the Municipal Act, 2001, the need for council consent has been eliminated.
“Submitting my resignation was the most difficult task I have ever had to do,” DeGagne said. “[But] since the municipal election last fall, my priorities and focus have turned 180 degrees.”
He explained his decision was “a personal one” following a certain realization that set in after several recent deaths in the family.
“Up until the election it didn’t seem to bother me,” he remarked. “But then it was like a trigger went off.”
DeGagne said he feels he should be doing other things, like spending time with his grandchildren.
“It’s four long years,” he remarked, noting the considerable time commitment required. “Maybe there is someone younger who could do the job.
“I appreciate the people who voted for me and had confidence in me,” DeGagne added. “But if you can’t do a good job for them, then there is no point.
“I realize this time now that I can’t do it.”
Although he didn’t know the other members of council particularly well, DeGagne stressed he has “nothing against them” and that their “short time together was good.”
He said he felt this was the most sensible time for him to resign.
“Waiting any longer would not serve the better of this interest,” he remarked. “If you can’t do the job well, you shouldn’t be there.”
He offered his regards to council, wishing them the best for the future and thanking them for working with him.
Alberton will be looking to fill the vacancy and already there seems to be an interest. Former councillor Mike Ford has indicated he would like to reclaim the seat.
Alberton council will declare the vacancy of office and decide how to fill the position at its regular meeting tonight (March 14).
Council either can hold a by-election, which is the same as a regular election except it would be for only the one councillor seat, or appoint a person who has consented to accept the office if appointed.
Any interested residents should contact the municipal office as soon as possible to fill out the appropriate paperwork, such as an application form or nomination papers, depending on the action council chooses to take.