Decision on ‘homeless elder’ held over

Supporters of Genevieve McGinnis met with Rainy River Chief Gary Medicine and the band council Tuesday night in an attempt to solve her housing problem.
The protesters say there’s room in the new Manitou apartment complex for McGinnis—and they’ve been waiting since August for a decision to be made.
“They asked us to give them until [March 18],” said Leona McGinnis. “They’re apparently revising the housing criteria on the 11th and they’ll make a decision on the 18th.”
McGinnis said Tuesday’s meeting was productive, but that her mother shouldn’t have to wait much longer for housing.
“My mother’s still homeless,” she said. “This is their last chance. We’re going to give them until the 18th.”
McGinnis said they also discussed other issues facing the band, including council regulations as dictated in the Indian Act.
The protesters want priority housing for on-reserve members but also wish to discuss other issues, including equal job opportunities for band members and band office financial accountability.
The protesters had occupied the band office for more than 24 hours last week over McGinnis’ housing situation.