Decision on ambulance services delayed

The fate of local ambulance service is still unknown as members of the local Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board await a decision from the provincial government on whether it will increase its funding.
“We’re still on hold,” Dan McCormick, health services manager for the RRDSSAB, said yesterday.
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care George Smitherman is currently on vacation for a week, and any ministry decision on the issue must be signed off by him.
McCormick said the DSSAB here is expecting a decision from the Ministry after Sept. 7.
“Our next board meeting is on Sept. 15. That’s probably where it will get addressed,” he added.
The board has accused the province of paying less than its share of the costs for the program—leaving district municipalities to make up the difference.
In March, the RRDSSAB passed a resolution calling on the ministry to fund a full 50 percent of the service, rather than the 30 percent it is covering now.
The DSSAB has warned it will have to take steps “to reduce land ambulance service to affordable levels,” should the government not come through with more funding.