Cyclists overnight in Emo

Words cannot describe the splendid facilities and location of Lion’s Park to accommodate tourists for overnight camping. It is a beautiful spot, admitted Alison Longmore and Paula Steele from Victoria, B.C., as they took up a camping site. To have showering available is unbelieveable, admired the ladies.
The pair arrived around 4 p.m., Monday from Sioux Narrows, where they had camped overnight. Upon arriving in Emo, they stopped at Fairway Store, where they coincidentally struck up a conversation with Reeve Brian Reid. After being briefed on Emo, Reeve Reid directed the ladies to the Lions Park to set up their tents.
During my regular walk through Lion’s Park, I spotted the girls having supper and interviewed the two cyclists. Their journey depends on the weather, declared Longmore. Throughout B.C., the pair said they hit stormy weather, causing a slight delay. The direction of the wind was a big factor.
Having the aid of The Canadian Cycling Association brochure helped Longmore and Steele plan their trip, opting to stay off main highways and avoid heavy traffic.
“Also we need a road with solid shoulders,” Longmore said. “it is easy riding and helps our bikes’ wear and tear.
“So far so good,” noted Steele, adding they had the same tires, and the bikes have been working without any problems.
They bike approximately 100 km each day, an eight-hour run, and as they mentioned, the weather has to cooperate otherwise unexpected delays can make their arrival in St. John, Nfld. a few days longer. Having left Victoria on May 31, Steele and Longmore expect to arrive in St. John the last week of September.
They plan to go sight seeing in and around St. John for about a week, then fly back to Victoria.
For meals, Steele and Longmore stick to healthy, nutritional food to give them that extra drive. They concentrate on two good meals a day, and get plenty of sleep. Water is their beverage of choice.
The ladies left early Tuesday. When they arrive in Fort Frances, their schedule was to cross over to International Falls and take the northern route to Sault Ste. Marie, crossing back in to Canada to complete their trip.
Whenever they stop for overnight camping and phone service is available, they make a call home to tell their folks how far they’ve advanced on the trip, their location, and conditions they’ve encountered.
It is unfortunate that our local Chamber of Commerce or Municipal office doesn’t have a package information on Emo to distribute to our tourists, to promote our town, and its services, although Reeve Brian Reid tells me there is a Welcome Wagon Group for this purpose.
Steele and Longmore are graduates from the University of Victoria. Longmore majored in history with a minor in women’s studies, and worked at a Victoria library. Steele has a Bachelor of Art in education (elementary) and holds a certificate in early childhood education. On arrival back in Victoria, both will be returning to their positions.