Customer Appreciation Day this Saturday

Come for the freshness and stay for the fun! This Saturday it’s truer than ever. It’s Customer Appreciation Day at Clover Valley Farmers’ Market and there’s lots going on.
Every hour there will be a free draw for market products. Come early so your name is in the draw box throughout the day.
The starting gun for the second annual “Zucchini 500” will go off at 10 a.m. It’s a Loony each to enter this contest and zucchinis, wheels and axles will be provided. Jason Rose, last year’s champion, will be itching to defend his title.
Our vegetable competition will also take place. Here’s the categories: Most Immense Onion; Ponderous Potato; Tiniest Tomato; and Craziest Carrot.
A Clover Valley Farmers’ Market gift certificate will be your prize if you are judged the best of any of these categories.
Look for Customer Appreciation specials at the market. Here’s a sample of the specials: Grandmother’s Attic is 20 percent off everything. Bob’s Shop is 10 percent off framed prints. Rainy River Elk Company has 25 percent off their elk leather mitts.
The tables are full and it’s time to celebrate fresh local products. Vegetables, fruits, honey and preserves are all at their peak.
If you make jams, jellies, pickles and relishes, this is the best time to visit farmers’ market because fresh produce can be purchased in bulk quantities, saving you time and money. Fresh vegetables are piled high ready to be prepared for the freezer so that you can enjoy that local flavour all winter.
Last Saturday’s winner of the honey and candles provided by Seven Bends Honey Farm was Bertha Ossachuk.