Crozier Hall set to burn

The Crozier Hall will be burned down this Saturday at 1 p.m. But don’t worry, it’s being done to help local firefighters do some training.
Bud Cyr, a former longtime resident of Alberton, is set to strike the match to begin the drill.
“I’m the oldest landowner out there,” said the 82-year-old, who was called in from painting his fence yesterday for a brief walk down memory lane.
“I’ve lived there all my life until I went to the army, then I shovelled enough cow [manure] so I moved to town.”
Cyr said he has a lot of memories from the area, especially the hall.
“I learned to dance there when I was five or six years old. That’s a long time ago,” he recalled. “We used to have school fairs and Christmas concerts. People would come with sleighs in the wintertime with four feet of snow on the roads.
“I tell people that today and they think I’m ready for Rainycrest,” he joked.
The Alberton Volunteer Fire Department has been preparing for the training session for quite a while, including the removal of the tin roof.
Firefighters will practice search and rescue, self-contained breathing exercises, and ladder practice while the hall is burning.
Last week, district firefighters practised vehicle extrications at North Auto.