Crozier hall burn rescheduled

The Crozier community hall remains standing—for this week at least.
Alberton Fire Chief Cory Jewell said it was too windy Saturday to allow the scheduled burn to go ahead, adding they’re going to wait for a calm day.
“We’re going to play it by ear and wait for the wind to be blowing in the right direction, or not at all,” he said.
The exercise may go ahead some weeknight evening or this Saturday afternoon.
The burn is going to be used as training for the Alberton Fire Department. Parts of the hall were deteriorating, including the flooring, foundation, and heating.
In 2000, Alberton council weighed whether or not to rescue the hall. It had been a hot topic there as residents and council debated its future.
“There was a plebiscite, referendum, that went out and not enough people supported it,” said Alberton Reeve John Milling.
Grant money the township had received for the hall went towards renovations to the Alberton rink, instead.