Crossroads students ‘shine’ by seat of their pants

What do you get when you weld together horseshoes? A chair, of course!
Crossroads students “continue to shine,” principal Brian Love said yesterday.
“They’re doing outstanding work, you wouldn’t believe it! Their technology project is made from recycled material,” he enthused.
“The Grade 6, 7, and 8 science class was given a project on structural strength and stability,” noted teacher Jeff Johnston, adding they were given a number of project choices but he had suggested they try to make chairs from recyclable materials.
If that wasn’t difficult enough, Johnston requested they be aesthetically pleasing.
“They came up with some remarkable things,” he noted. “Their parents [also] were involved, which was great.”
Students built chairs from pop cans, milk cans, hockey sticks, metal, and even moose antlers. “Welding is cool!” one girl exclaimed.
Sean Love, creator of the moose chair, said coming up with his idea was fairly simple, “I went downstairs and saw some moose antlers. My dad didn’t mind, he helped me.”
Meanwhile, Matt Badiuk fashioned his tarp chair from “the whole bunch of tarp around the shop.”
And Mackenzie Caul received the inspiration for her horseshoe chair from a horse statue made from shoes. Her father and grandfather helped her weld the chair.