Crossroads research project to be saluted

Teachers at Crossroads School in Devlin have taken on an action research project in conjunction with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and a support team from Lakehead University.
For their efforts, the Rainy River District School Board will recognize the Teachers Learning Together Team at its regular meeting tomorrow night with the monthly Recognition of Excellence Award.
The team includes Nancy Mapledoram-Councillor, Brad Gushulak, Luella Kellar, Caren Fagerdahl, and Donna Kowalski.
Their report to the board noted the basis for the project is to gauge the impact of the strategic use of specific oral language strategies from Grades 1-8 on the development of oral language within the student body.
“Research shows that there is a direct connection between oral language and the development of skills associated with reading and writing,” the report explained.
A random sampling of students was selected to provide the necessary data that will drive instruction. And throughout the rest of the school year, the team will implement oral language strategies from the resource material.
In late spring, the students will be assessed to determine the level of oral language skill improvement, with the results to be put together in a formal and in-depth conclusive summary.
The outcome of the action research project will be presented at a Teachers Learning Together symposium in Toronto in June.
Also at tomorrow night’s meeting, which gets underway at 7 p.m. in the board office at Robert Moore School here, the board will:
•hear a presentation on the “Prime” program (Professional Resources and Instruction for Mathematics Educators) regarding student success in mathematics;
•hear reports from the Finance Committee, the Special Education Advisory Committee, and the Policy Committee; and
•receive a personnel report updated to January, 2008.