Crossroads looks to new Christmas celebration

Crossroads School had its annual Christmas celebration last Wednesday night. But instead of the regular Christmas concert, it tried a family gathering.
There were Christmas crafts, games, puzzles, and activities the whole family could enjoy. The ice rink was cleared and kids where encouraged to bring their skates and hockey gear.
There also were carols in the gym and a fire pit outside where the children could roast s’mores.
The concert was switched to a gathering because it was felt that the planning and construction for the concert took too much time out of the children’s curriculum.
The students built all the props for the concert, they had lines to learn, and there were songs to practice. Some students were in choir as well as a class production.
Overall, a great deal of learning time was taken away in preparation for the Christmas concert each year.
Crossroads principal Diane Thompson said that with the teachers working on the event instead of the children, it gave kids a lot more time for their studies they normally wouldn’t have at this time of year.
The idea of the Christmas concert was to see your child in the best possible light, which Thompson said isn’t possible if you take all the practice and effort out of it—hence the family gathering instead.
The kids still could have a Christmas-inspired event, but still be able to focus on school at the same time.
The idea seemed to go over well—even if it was planned somewhat last minute. Thompson said about 80 families participated.
“The feedback we had was really, really good,” she noted. “There was a little sadness that it wasn’t a traditional Christmas concert.”
“I thought it was really different and really neat,” said Marie Saunders.
Though the feedback was good and the night itself was enjoyable, some parents aren’t sure whether or not they’d like this to become an annual event.
“I enjoyed it. It was fun, it was different,” said Sharon Trimble. But she remains undecided on whether or not she would participate next year.
Danette Nixon agreed, saying, “We’re grateful the weather was the way it was but we did miss the concert.”
The family gathering isn’t a permanent event just yet, though. Thompson said that this was just something different to try to give school time back to the children.
The kids seemed to enjoy it. Trimble’s children were all smiles as they worked on crafts and puzzles while Nixon’s two girls agreed roasting s’mores was the activity they enjoyed the most.
“It was pretty good. It was different,” said Angel Nixon. “The s’mores were the best part.”
Crossroads will be polling parents soon on what they thought of the gathering and whether the school should plan for this get-together again next year.
If enough parents liked it, then the school will try it again. If they missed the concert, then Thompson will plan for the traditional Christmas concert.