Crossroads comes up ‘clean’

The water supply was not the reason several students and some staff fell ill at Crossroads School after samples taken by the Northwestern Health last week turned out to be bacteria-free.
“There never was a problem with the water,” Crossroads principal Len LaRocque said yesterday. “We got the sample back from Thunder Bay and they show a bacterial count of zero in both testing categories.”
Meanwhile, the number of cases of the gastrointestinal illness reportedly have dwindled to none since first reported about two weeks ago. Symptoms included nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, and vomiting.
“I really didn’t think there would be anything wrong with the water–we’d had it tested before,” said LaRocque. “But you have to err on the side of caution when children are concerned–you can’t take any chances.”
LaRocque also noted bottle water was used for drinking for three or four days last week while the school waited for the test results.
But just what did cause the illnesses is still a mystery.
“[The health unit] didn’t speculate as to what did cause the problem,” noted LaRocque. “We just got the results back and they told us we could go ahead and resume using the water.”
No one from the health unit was available for comment as of press time last night.