Cross-country meet results

Dave Ogilvie

Crossroads School in Devlin held its annual cross-country meet last week.
Nearly 300 students from across the district took part, with the results as follows:
•Grade 4 boys’—1. Andrew Kehl (Atikokan) 2. Isaac Dykstra (SCAP) 3. Carson Noga (St. Francis);
•Grade 5 boys’—1. Jackson Arpin (Riverview) 2. Nick Hahkala (J.W. Walker) 3. Ethyn Carlson-Jourdain (Robert Moore);
•Grade 6 boys’—1. Zach Swing (J.W. Walker) 2. Kyler Gannon (North Star) 3. Aron Bujold (Robert Moore);
•Grade 7 boys’—1. Cole Tymkin (St. Francis) 2. Hunter Coles (Robert Moore) 3. Eric Williams (Atikokan);
•Grade 8 boys’—1. Grant Legaree (Atikokan) 2. Hunter  Neilson (Sturgeon Creek) 3. Tyler Bruyere (St. Francis);
•Grade 4 girls’—1. Jillian Calder (J.W. Walker) 2. Grace Kooistra (SCAP) 3. Simone Payne (J.W. Walker);
•Grade 5 girls’—1. Lara Wood (Riverview) 2. Rebekka Fraser (Riverview) 3. Charlotte Arnold (North Star);
•Grade 6 girls’—1. Alexa Veldhuisen (SCAP) 2. Mika Kooistra (SCAP) 3. Jenna Clendenning (J.W. Walker);
•Grade 7 girls’—1. Kennedi Handberg (J.W. Walker)/Jessica Steele (Donald Young) 2. Janelle Ball (Robert Moore) 3. Reisha Vos (Atikokan); and
•Grade 8 girls’—1. Elizabeth Fraser (Riverview) 2. Sydney Radigan (St. Francis) 3. Ashley Croswell (Sturgeon Creek).
Congratulations to all the students who took part. You are all winners!