CRC homecoming this weekend

It’s the Christian Reformed Church’s 50th anniversary homecoming this coming weekend, with the planning completed last Monday.
The main theme of course is “Homecoming” with expectation scores of people joining in the festivities, starting with Saturday Morning Prayer from 9 a.m.-11a.m.
The official welcome by the church council will be followed by the dedication of the five local trees along the Emo Road, one for each decade of God’s faithfulness.
At 1 p.m.,, there’ll light lunch for the hungry, and there will be toy/play equipment from the Emo Toy Library. Supper is served at 5 p.m. There will be tents set up outside the west entrance door, next to kitchen. The day will close with a time of praise and worship around 7 p.m.
Due to the Steve Ball concert on Sunday at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Fort Frances., the 50th anniversary will take place at CRC on Sunday, July 12 to complete celebrations. Rev. Peter Vosteen will be the guest speaker—CRC’s first non-Dutch speaking pastor. There will be a communion service.
Then, the evening service will be held by student Pastor Lowe. The planned interdenominational youth service has been moved to July 20.