COVIDelivery group picks up where it left off


With a second state of emergency declared in the province, a volunteer group has sprung back into action in order to help people in need in the district.

Rainy River District COVIDelivery, the home grown physical distancing safe delivery service, has resumed offering its services to those who cannot or choose not to go to the grocery store for essentials during a time of heightened awareness and caseloads of COVID-19 in the district. At the peak of the first wave’s shutdowns and restrictions, organizer Ray Calder had dozens of volunteers heading out to grocery stores in the district in order to pick up the essentials.

Calder was subsequently awarded a special recognition from the Town of Fort Frances during the annual Citizen of the Year recognition for his efforts in organizing the delivery group.

Now that further restrictions are in place and a stay-at-home order has been announced by Ontario premier Doug Ford, the COVIDelivery group is once again accepting orders from those who cannot get to the grocery store on their own, or those who are choosing not to go out of concern or caution. The group will only be shopping for essential items during this time in order to keep risk to volunteers from the virus to an absolute minimum.

In a Facebook post announcing the resumption of services, the COVIDelivery group noted they are also seeking additional volunteers to help out with the fulfillment and delivery of orders. Anyone willing to volunteer their time with the group is asked to message them on their Facebook page.

To put an order in for delivery, please call 807-271-0073, email them at, or message them on their Facebook page.