Couple honoured on 35th anniversary

“We had a lovely surprise anniversary party arranged by our children,” said Shirley Brown of Barwick.
A come-and-go tea was held at the Chapple Community Hall to mark their 35th anniversary, and the couple wants to say thanks to all their family and friends for the wonderful cards received and for droppin by personally to wish them the best.
Shirley first came to Canada in 1963 to work for the Red Cross as a registered nurse in 1966. She was married in 1967 to Fred Brown, and they have two children, Stephen Brown and family in Thunder Bay and Oona Brown in Fort Frances.
Stephen is married and has three children, moving to Thunder Bay from Brantford. He is employed by Hercules Chemical Company.
Fred retired from CN Rail in 1989 and Shirley from the Emo hospital in 1996. Although they now reside at Barwick, they love to go vacation in Turks and Caicos Islands in the winter. “
“This year this is going to change,” noted Shirley. “I’m having problems with my neck and require medical attention.”