Couple celebrates 60th anniversary

Russell and Mary Fisher celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by the family, friends, and neighbours at a come-and-go tea held Saturday, Oct. 25 in the downstairs common room at the Golden Age Manor in Emo.
The couple did not want any gifts—just people’s attendance and best wishes. And this they received whole-heartedly!
The couple received a greeting message from their granddaughter, Charlene, of Calgary—a touching sentiment by a young lady who had so much to be thankful for her grandparents.
“[We] are very proud of our grandparents,” said Patty McNally, another granddaughter, adding they have set an example of marriage that is of great importance.
And they are passing on their knowledge, legacy, and experience to their great-grandchildren, of which there are two, she added.
Paige McNally handled the guest book with a wide big smile and with courtesy.
Larry and Marg Deckenson, from Ottawa, wrote, “I recall those wonderful days of the summer of 1966 when I boarded at your farm. What a pleasant way it was to have spent the summer break from university with you while working as an assistant agricultural representative.
“Indeed, I would say that you were like a surrogate aunt and uncle, or even parents,” Marg Deckenson added. “Great food, lively conversations, and many humorous moments.
“Russell and Mary, you have made such significant contribution to Rainy River region. I saw that firsthand when sharing your home,” she concluded.
“We pray that you have good health and much happiness the rest of your life. God bless you.”
There were photographs of the Fisher family from the earliest years to the day they moved into the comfortable Golden Age Manor. And according to Mary Fisher, they love it!
The Golden Age Manor is an active seniors’ residence. There’s always something going on for everyone—no dull moments.
“I would like to thank all the people in the Golden Age Manor for making this to be the most pleasant place to spend our retirement,” Mary Fisher added.
“They are like one big happy family, that we are enjoying very much. Everyone helps every one and really cares about one another.
“Then we have the good people who run errands, like Lyle Elliott and Marvin Alberts, who wouldn’t see you stuck for anything.
“We are so thankful and so happy to be here at the Golden Age Manor with them all,” concluded Mary Fisher. “We often say, ‘Why didn’t we do this sooner.’”