Council to look at paving Emo Road

Given the lack of rain this summer, residents who live along Emo Road addressed Emo council last Tuesday night regarding the condition of the thoroughfare, as well as the amount of dust being generated.
Emo Reeve Ed Carlson explained dust suppressant had been laid there, but hasn’t managed well because rain still is needed for it to work.
“So we were wondering about having the road paved past our places,” asked one resident.
Paving up to the corner near Reid Road would allow for less dust and better access for residents living in the area, as well as to the new sportsfield once it is up and running.
“We are almost in town and I think it’s needed,” he added, though asking if paving isn’t feasible, could council they look into speed bumps or another speed-reducing alternative.
“People drive so fast along there, which makes the dust horrible,” agreed Public Works superintendent Peter McQuaker. He noted the speed limit is 40 km/h but that most people don’t obey it.
He said he’s even asked drivers to slow down and be respectful to the residents and those buried in the nearby cemetery.
McQuaker also indicated Emo Road is very busy not only with local traffic, but also vehicles from other municipalities.
“There is a tremendous amount of traffic on that road—more than people probably realize,” he remarked.
Council decided McQuaker could look into paving Emo Road. And once an estimated cost is determined, they will examine the issue again.
In related business, McQuaker told council at least four temporary entrances in the township need to be addressed. He noted they all seem unused at the moment and perhaps were installed for those working in the bush.
“But now they are hindering, blocking the ditch with no culvert, and we will have to take them out at our own expense,” he warned.
McQuaker suggested for the future that a monetary deposit be instituted when people inquire about temporary road entrances. That way, if they leave without dismantling the entrance, there would be funds available to take care of it.
Council agreed McQuaker’s idea was suitable and would look into making it a regulation.
Also at last Tuesday’s meeting, Emo council:
•heard suggestions from a resident regarding building condos in the township and the possible amalgamation of nearby municipalities;
•decided to apply to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in order to receive funds from the Green Municipal Fund to purchase water meters for households in the township;
•appointed Linda Mann as a block person for the Community Emergency Plan;
•authorized to pay $593 to the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition for it $0.50 per capita levy;
•approved shut-off of water on Oct. 30 for all accounts overdue by four months or more; and
•agreed to send clerk Brenda Cooke to a seminar entitled “Land Management in Local Communities: Opportunities and Challenges for First Nations and Municipal Governments” on Oct. 12 in Kenora.
Emo council’s next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. at the municipal office.