Congregations gather to celebrate Christmas

The Christmas Day service at the Emo Christian Reform Church was very well attended this year as members from other churches, which happened to not have any Christmas Day services, overflowed the sanctuary, giving it a “pull together” atmosphere.
There was the lighting of the Advent wreath and the children’s message given by Karen. The youngsters also sang “Away in a Manger.”
The church choir, directed by Anne-Marie deGroot and accompanied by pianist Cora VanSmeerdyk, performed three selections–“Gloria,” “Prince of Peace” and “In the First Light of a New Day.”
Pastor Gerald VanSmeerdyk’s message topic was “Lord of the Dance.”
On Sunday afternoon, the Sunday School children presented their Christmas drama, “Mary Remembers,” narrated by Linda Esselink.
Playing the part of Mary at the manger was Sarah Hettinga while Joseph was depicted by Jake Esselink.
The five-act play included scences with Mary and the angel, Joseph and Gabriel (played by Michael Veldhuisen), Mary and Joseph on the road to Bethleham, Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus in the manger, and finally the shepherds and the angels glorifying the birth of one small child by singing “Joy to the World.”
T.J. Marinaro, Colin Kaemingh, Kali Wieringa, Marcus Veldhuisen were the shepherds while Rachel Hettinga, Brianic Shortreed, Teegan Kaemingh, and Erin Kaemingh were the angels.
The rest of the cast included a girls’ choir and children who had gathered for the long-awaited birth of Jesus.