Comic stunt juggler returning to Backus

Press Release

The Backus Community Center in International Falls is pleased to announce a performance by comic stunt juggler Tuey Wilson this Friday (Feb. 1) at 7 p.m.
Wilson’s performance does not easily fit categorization. At one moment, the audience is bursting with laughter at his quick wit and hilarious interplay.
Moments later, they are gasping and applauding–watching a display of skill that is awe-inspiring.
Whether juggling five rings while standing on top of a ladder, performing his 11-part combination trick, or using spinning balls to shoot Nerf arrows, Wilson goes well beyond the usual juggling skills to include a wide array of manipulations.
His personality on stage is an unlikely blend of “regular guy” and “quirky oddball,” which means everyone can relate to his charm and humour.
Wilson’s show is a perfect blend of family-friendly comedy, jaw-dropping skills, and danger.
Wilson always has had a passion for physical skills. He grew up skiing, skateboarding, waterskiing, and anything else that satisfied his self-described personality: “introverted show-off.”
He learned to juggle in eighth grade from his older brother, but didn’t take it seriously until he was a senior in high school after a friend let him borrow some professional juggling equipment.
His life has never been the same!
That same year he attended the Minnesota Renaissance Festival because he heard there were jugglers there. He heard right–and from that moment he was hooked on the idea of performing.
When faced with choices about college and career, Wilson thought, “I’d kinda like to be a juggler like I saw at the Renaissance Festival. That looks like fun.”
So that’s what he became.
One year after graduation, Wilson was hired by that festival as a street juggler. Over the next few years, his comic performance style developed, as did his interest in specific types of props and tricks.
As the crowds roared with laughter and applause, Wilson graduated from street juggler to main stage performer–and has been a crowd favourite there for more than three decades.
He loves it when people tell him they’ve been seeing his show for 20 or 30 years, and their family has three generations of fans.
Wilson always has been drawn to performing stunts that involve the whole body. Rather than be content with just standing still while throwing things, he has developed a dazzling array of bizarre and wonderful skills–rope walking, ball spinning, balancing on a ladder, manipulating objects on mouthsticks, and much more.
The learning never ends. At age 50, he mastered balancing on a ladder . . . on a rope . . . on fire!
In addition to manipulating props, Wilson also builds them for himself and other professional jugglers. His ball-spinning mouthsticks are considered by many to be the best in the world.
Wilson previously performed on the Backus stage back on June 22, 1999.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with Wilson taking the stage at 7.
Tickets are on sale in advance at Betty’s in Fort Frances, J&D Foods in Littlefork, Mn., and City Drug in the Falls, as well as at the Backus office (900 5th St.)
Tickets also will be available at the door on the night of the show.
They cost $12 for adults and $5 for those aged six-18, with kids five and under being free.
For more info, call the Backus Community Center at 1-218-285-7225 or visit