Class mails off ‘Stanley’ letters

Sherri Allan’s grade five class at Donald Young School had a great adventure when they visited the local post office to mail their Flat Stanley letters.
“Flat Stanley is a fictitious character who was flattened when a billboard fell on top of him,” noted teacher R. Enns, adding he is now in his flattened condition and has the advantage of travelling all over the world in an envelope.
It’s all part of a worldwide project to encourage students to write.
At the school, students take “Flat Stanley” on some adventures and record these in a journal. Then they send “him” to a friend/relative at another participating school, and those recipients take “Flat Stanley” on other adventures and keep a record as well.
“Flat Stanley” then is sent back along with the completed journal.
The students at DYS will use the returned journals to create a bulletin board showing all the places he travelled, along with the records of his adventures.
Some of the students’ “Flat Stanleys” are on their way to Poland and Switzerland. “You can learn more about the ‘Flat Stanley’ project by logging onto http:,” added Enns.