Church offering ‘charm class’

With today’s trends of baggy pants, short skirts, piercings and tattoos, it’s great to see some plane old fashion etiquette. 
Every Tuesday for the month of May, the Victory Baptist Church in Crozier is holding charm classes for ladies aged eight to 80. 
The ladies are learning nutrition, etiquette, exercise, skin care, hair & nail care, clothing, grooming, and posture. 
The class is held from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. and all ladies are welcome to attend. There is no fee for this and a healthy snack is provided at the end of the evening.
Last Monday (May 2) was the first class, and there were 14 younger ladies and approximately 10 more mature ladies in attendance. 
The evening began with a small devotion and song period and then the group was off to learn about skin care from Sandy Stalmach and Christene Veert, while Brenda Sinclare reminded the ladies of proper nutrition and exercise. 
The ladies then all rotate to different areas where they learn something about the other fields that are the focus for the evening.
Jane Johnson helped the younger group of ladies learn a little about posture, walking and sitting. A few tips Jane offered the girls is how to find the edge of your chair without turning around.
The answer to this is simple, you can feel the edge of your chair with the back of your calves, or a girl who sits tall and straight today will be have good posture when later. 
Of course, Jane demonstrated how you look when you sit or walk proper and how a person looks when they sit or walk all slouched over. 
It was unanimous that tall and straight is much better.