Chiasson chosen for international pageant

Heather Latter

She attended the Miss North Ontario regional pageant in May, then she competed nationally at the Miss Teenage Canada pageant in August—with top 10 finishes in both.
Now Alyssa Chiasson is heading off to the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao, where she’ll be representing Canada in the H2O Miss Teen Bikini International pageant.
“I’m really excited and proud, but it also feels like a lot of pressure,” the 17-year-old said.
“I hope I represent Canada proudly,” she added. “It’s weird to think I’m representing the whole country.
“It doesn’t even seem real,” she admitted. “The other pageants I just represented the district and now it’s all of Canada.”
Chiasson said after the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, she must have stood out because the director of the pageant chose her to represent Canada in the H2O Miss Teen Bikini International one.
“There’s only one other girl, besides the winner, who was picked to do an international pageant,” she explained.
“So out of 82 girls, there’s only three of us going to international pageants.”
Chiasson received a message in mid-September from the director asking if she wanted to do another pageant.
“I had no idea where Curaçao was so I had to Google it first,” she noted.
“Then I saw all the pictures and how pretty it is, so I’m just super excited to be in that environment,” Chiasson enthused.
“I’ve never been anywhere like that before so I’m just really excited.”
Chiasson conceded her parents were a bit nervous to let her go that far on her own.
“But they understand it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I can’t pass up,” she said, though admitting she’s a bit nervous to be going all by herself, especially when she doesn’t know much about what to expect.
The purpose of the pageant is to focus on a global level of concern: the preservation and conservation of water.
“The participants, the youth of the future, will be ambassadors and spokepersons for not only their nation but internationally to educate our communities on the importance of water and the scarcity that is of global concern,” the pageant website states.
In addition to beauty presentations and a photography session, the program will include seminars with highly-recognized keynote speakers and organizations that are actively involved in this matter, it adds.
Chiasson said there will be presentations, a visit to the government there, and other educational visits, as well as interviews with the judges and a beach clean-up.
“I want to gain more knowledge about it,” she noted.
“The winner is going to be the H2O ambassador, so I hope to learn more about water preservation and what it’s like in other countries.
“I’m also excited to see all the different cultures and to learn about that,” Chiasson added, noting there will be contestants from India, Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala, and Venezuela, among others.
Chiasson leaves for Toronto today, where she’ll spend a few days with the Miss Teenage Canada director preparing for the pageant through training and wardrobe fittings.
“And I will have a national costume, so will pick that up there, too, before I head to Curaçao,” she noted.
The pageant is being held Oct. 10-17.