Chess tourney results

Crossroads School in Devlin held a district-wide chess tournament last Thursday as part of the Northern Ontario Schools 2005 Chess Championships.
More than 130 students in four age categories from nearly every school in the district participated, with 86 qualifying for the Northern Ontario provincial finals to be held Oct. 22 at the Prince Arthur Hotel in Thunder Bay.
The results are as follows:
< *c>Nine & under
1. Maxwell Williams (Donald Young School)
2. Steven Bogart (McCrosson-Tovell), Nolan Short (Riverview), Trent Redsky (Crossroads), and Paige McNally (DYS)
Other qualifiers in the nine and under age group were:
•Blake Morken (Crossroads)
•Clinton Grey, Hunter Neilson, Kirk Johnson, Hunter Adams, Hailey Desserre, Matthew Gray, and Brett Mann (Sturgeon Creek)
•Mark Loveday, Chris Jensen, and Adam Stromberg (Robert Moore)
•Connor Pocock, Brayden Spence, Mason Whatley, and Michael Fyfe (J.W. Walker)
•Reagan Calder, Nicholas Dennis, and Christopher Demchuk (Mine Centre)
•Isaac Firth, Savannah Hughes, and Jamie Blattner (DYS)
•Brandon Gustafson (Our Lady of the Way)
•Connor McManaman (St. Francis)
•Kenton Peters (Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program)
< *c>10-11
1. Cody Mason (Sturgeon Creek)
2. Ian Enns (Sturgeon Creek)
Other qualifiers in the 10-11 age group were:
•Andre Emond, Elizabeth Steele, Jaryd Elias, and Sarah Trimble (DYS)
•Harvey Cochrane, Nathan Zimmerman, Luc Desserre, and Brock Vandenbrand (Our Lady of the Way)
•Johnathan Colfer, John Perrault, Shaleigh Nicholls, Serena Stromberg, and Tanner Bell (Robert Moore)
•Courtney Hansen and Shane Rencher (McCrosson-Tovell)
•Blake Gustafson (Mine Centre)
•Daniel Milling, Cameron McBride, Michael Dubois, Ryan Allen, and Aaron Kellar (J.W. Walker)
•Jayden Chartrand, Jordan McTavish, Tarran Romyn, Robbie Rea, Aaron Councillor, Nicholas Donaldson, and Jordan Gagne (Crossroads)
•Teddy Frazer-Duck (Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program)
•Matthew Lowey (J.W. Walker)
•Allan Elias (Sturgeon Creek)
•Derek Lauzon and Justin Bartsch (Riverview)
< *c>12-13
1. Ben Miller (Sturgeon Creek)
2. Dallas Jewett (Sturgeon Creek), Ethan Jordbro (St. Francis School) Michael Nelson (J.W. Walker), and Bruce Frazer-Duck (Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program)
Also qualifying in the 12-13 age group were:
•David McBride (Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program)
•Lucas Hudson and Isaac Keffer (Robert Moore)
•Ian Grant (DYS)
•Dylan Anderson (McCrosson-Tovell)
•Andrew Milling, Zack Pocock, and Colin Angus (J.W. Walker)
•Tyler McNally, Mathieu Godin, Joshua Halverson, Justin Moen, Cody Jarvis, and Ryan Gough (Riverview)
< *c>14-15
1. Jeremy Cole (Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program)
2. T.J. Marinaro and Lucas Nussbaumer (Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program)
There were no other qualifiers in this age group.