Chapple to hold ‘Doris Day’

March 1 has been proclaimed “Doris Day” in Chapple.
No, it’s not in honour of the famous actress. Rather, it’s to recognize Doris Dyson’s 25 years as clerk/treasurer for the municipality.
An open house is planned for that day from 9 a.m. to noon and 1-4:30 p.m. at the municipal office. People are invited to drop by to say hello, and enjoy some cake and coffee.
“I call upon the people of [Chapple] to attend the open house in celebration of this milestone,” Reeve William Clink said.
In other news, Mark Hyatt was sworn in as the new councillor for Ward 1 at Chapple council’s last regular meeting. He is replacing Clink, who moved up to reeve after Cecil Wilson retired earlier this year.
Council welcomed Hyatt aboard and thanked him for volunteering to complete this term.
Meaenwhile, the Sturgeon Creek school council is seeking someone to serve as their community rep. This person need not be a parent of a student at the school.
If anyone is interested in volunteering for this position, contact Pam Advent (483-5433) or principal Don McBride at 487-2180 (days).
Now that 911 is activated in the Chapple area, council is reminding residents to know their municipal address (fire #) in case they need the fire truck, ambulance, or police.
It is a good idea to have your number either on the phone or in the front of your phone book. An emergency is not a time to have to look up numbers.
Don’t forget you also must give out your road name.
The Chapple Volunteer Fire Department is looking for more new firefighters. If interested, contact Fire Chief Larry Hunsperger at 487-2598.
February is Heart Health Month. Are you eating the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables? Are you getting adequate exercise?
For more info, contact the Northwestern Health Unit in Rainy River at 852-3268.