Chapple council looking at storm damage

Township of Chapple Council discussed several agenda issues, including storm damage, at their last meeting.
Mr. Humd had been to the office discussing council’s concern relating to the proposed agreement on the land use for the dump. He stated that he would have the agreement changed to reflect to council’s concern.
Two residents have come forward concerning damage done to their property in the recent storm. Ralph Humsperger has a silo not covered by insurance and Wayne Herbert on French’s Road had the foundation on his home damaged.
At this time, the township is compiling a list of damages, public and private, to send to the Ontario Disaster Relief program.
Mary Hoogervorst, a sales representative from Poulin’s Exterminators gave her report to council concerning rodent control at the dump. She explained how the technician baits the rats and mice. She later answered questions from the council.
Road Supt. James Teeple reported to council concerning the work done to repair damage caused by the recent storm, including crushed gravel used in cleaning up the damage. The Barron Bridge is open to traffic.
Council discussed the problems at the waste disposal site, they recognized that something has to be done to get control of what is disposed in the site. Councillors Peter Van Heyst and Rick Neilson volunteered to sit on a committee and bring back recommendations.
Clerk Doris Dyson reported on the progress to date on the water treatment plant, and on talks between engineers, the Ministry of Environment and council.
Mr. Burnett has been asked to speak with Mr. Walled Hindi from the MoE and ensure that if council video the wells, they will accept the results found and not require council to do yet another process. A letter from Steve Burnett from Burnsides outlined the proposal from the MoE’s initiative for municipal groundwater studies.
It was moved by Rick Neilson and Bill Clink that by-law 1271 be a by-law to authorize the reeve and clerk treasurer to enter into an agreement between the Corporation of the Township of Chapple and the Town of Fort Frances for the provision of dispatch services from the Town of Fort Frances.
Fire Chief Larry Hunsperger spoke to council about developing an emergency plan. Several people in the community have attempted planning sessions over the past few years, and with their help, council could get their plan underway.
There is some information gathered and we need to co-ordinate efforts to proceed with the plan. Doris Dyson and Larry Hunsperger are to gather information and present some of their findings to council at the next meeting Tuesday, Sept. 11.