Chapple council holds monthly meeting

Chapple council passed a motion at its last regular monthly meeting that the financial statement be accepted and that several accounts (general and payroll) be paid totalling $133,805.31.
Policing costs for 2003 was an additional $2,044.45.
Dust suppression for 2004 is at a cost of $0.196 per litre plus GST. Council would like to know what the cost of calcium chloride would be?
Chapple council also discussed the new waste disposal site operators and concluded the new operator could recycle, and that the sale of the recycled material could be an additional incentive to do a good job.
With the winds this spring, a lot of plastic bags are being blown onto the neighbouring lands.
Council has applied for a couple of workers from “Ontario Works” and when students come on line, they would be able to help clean up, as well.
The township also received a complaint concerning damage to a boat by one of its snowplows.
Council was concerned the damage had occurred, but felt that when snowplowing is being provided for residents, it was with the understanding that the residents would have their yards prepared for the large plows.
Tenders for the crushing and stockpiling for the 2004 supply of gravel were received from JTJ Contracting and Dennis Robinson.
In other news, Clerk/Treasurer Doris Dyson is to advertise for someone to train in the water treatment plant. The applications are to be submitted to Skills Development, who will screen the applicants.
Also at its last meeting, Chapple council passed Bylaw 1316 establishing tax ratios for 2004.
Council also approved:
•the use of the hall for the use of the Ontario Early Years Centre for one-two days per month;
•that wolf damage in the amount of $600 be paid and the township apply to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for reimbursement;
•the purchase of an ad in the Rainy River Record to congratulate Rainy River on the occasion of its 100th birthday; and
•support for Loyalist Township’s request to the province for financial relief to smaller municipalities facing increased costs for water and sewer services.